Frequently Asked Questions

No, the iCare Watch uses the Mobile Network to send out alerts. For this reason, the iCare Watch is supplied with a sim card already pre-programmed for use. 

The iCare Watch will show the emergency screen and will continue to search for the mobile network & once in range will push out the alert unless the alert is cancelled. 

If the Lost Signal is appearing in the software, it means that the iCare Watch has not been able to connect to the network for more than 30 mins. If this happens, the carer should check the watch as soon as possible to ensure safety. This can occur simply because the watch has been turned off, sim card is not installed correctly or the battery is out of charge.

Our subscription charges cover the cost of the Sim Card usage of the iCare Watch plus access to the application software & updates for all the benefits & features of the watch. The iCareWatch must have an active subscription plan to work. 

iCare Watch uses the same location & GPS tracking technology as Google Maps. The users location is determined by GPS, WI-FI & Mobile Network connection points of the sim card. It is very rare that the location tracking is incorrect. On the application software, you will notice a blue ‘dot’ which is where the user is located.

Don’t worry! You can simply cancel an alert by pressing ‘Cancel’ on the watch 3 seconds after the alert is submitted. If the alert does goes through, kindly let the responding carer know it was a false alert.  

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