With just a touch of a button, your loved ones
can easily contact you in an emergency.
Supports service user's day-to-day life in a
non-intrusive way through a smart watch,
which is comfortable and stylish to wear

A modern security solution around a smart watch

Emergency assistance

Do you rely on getting to your mobile phone and dialing for assistance in case of emergency?

Want to keep your independence, but nervous about a short walk because of your health issues?

Healthy aging comes with a unique set of challenges from worries about financial security, ever-rising healthcare costs, ensuring physical safety to battling loneliness. Ask your NDIS package coordinator about adding our iCare Watch to your NDIS package.

Whether you have a medical condition, are a retiree wanting to stay in your own home longer, a resident at an aged care village or a family member wanting to keep your elderly relatives safe, the iCare Emergency Watch is a cost effective, convenient layer of comfort for families.

The iCare Emergency Watch supports your day-to-day life in a non-intrusive way with specially designed features – like oversized icons and audible features.

Available in black or white

safety watch
sos watch

Customise your iCare Emergency Watch face

emergency watch
safety watch
personal security watch
sos watch
  • It’s a watch, but it has a SIM, operating anywhere you have mobile reception
  • Real time location tracking
  • 2-way speech communication
  • Red SOS Emergency button
  • Its showerproof, without compromise to voice clarity
  • Welfare Check-in – Pre-set your time for an “R U OK?” message with
  • confirmation Yes/No response
  • Set up your own Care Circle of all those you wish to be notified in case of alert
  • Care Circle members receive notifications via a phone call, text and email
  • Click on the text or email to open the location map, or save the web portal on
  • your mobile device for quick access
  • Accepted alerts are visible to all Care Circle members
  • Location of watch shown on map
  • Watch can receive incoming voice calls
  • Set up personalised Calendar reminders which may be spoken to watch wearer
  • Out-going voice calls (Gold and Platinum packages)
    • Voice recording automatically activated on emergency button and stopped on reset of watch giving an event record.
    • Pre-record audio in case of SOS, leave a message on the portal which can be accessed if you don’t check in on time.
    • Preset a check-in with an ‘R U OK?’ message. Failure to answer activates the alert.
    • Customise your watch face; analogue or digital with colour options, add your company logo to the face.