Lone Workers?With our iCare Watch you
will never be alone!

Concerned for your staff safety?
Integrate your iCare Emergency Watch with your Nurse Call System using our iCare Module

Staff safety is just as important as your patients. The iCare watch is a personal alarm which can notify you in case of emergency.

Avoid the issues with having multiple systems and devices, our iCare Watch can be fully integrated into your Nurse Call System with the configuration of our iCare Module.

When the emergency button on the watch is pressed the alert will display on your Nurse Call System, alerting other staff members to the emergency. 

Want to notify others, that may not have access to the Display or may be working remotely? We can configure the Module to alert multiple devices simultaneously.

You then have all the normal features of the watch available, including calling the watch and speaking to the wearer.

Our watch can be configured for lone worker settings which gives a silent alert and records what is happening from the moment the alert is triggered, enabling support staff to listen to the recording prior to intervening. 

Who is it for?

The high degree of flexibility offered by the iCare Emergency Watch means a wide variety of users can benefit from the state of the art technology, including: 

iCare Watch Key Features

iCare Watch Key Features


Protect your staff…

…as well as your patients